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The Five Constipated Men in the Bible
(Traditional -- additional music & lyrics by Bev Darling and Lori Manney)
There were 5, 5 constipated men in the Bible, in the Bible
There were 5, 5 constipated men in the holy books of God

Oh, the 1st, 1st constipated man was Cain -- he wasn’t Abel (2X)

"Oh, Lord," as Moses said to Thee, standing before the parted sea
"Let my people go!" Hallelujiah!

Oh, the 2nd, 2nd constipated man was Fallom -- he couldn’t move his ass (2X)

Oh, the 3rd, 3rd constipated man was Moses -- he took 2 tablets (2X)

Oh, the 4th, 4th constipated man was Solomon -- he sat for 40 years (2X)

Oh, the 5th, 5th constipated man was Sampson -- he brought the house down (2X)