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Dear Sisters...
Sr. Molly at her desk
Well, well!

It seems that quite a few of you have been studying extra hard and coming up with some very good questions! 

We've added this page so that the entire class can benefit from your efforts!

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Nice work Sisters.   Sisters, can you tell what happened to theUnicorn?  Why'd it miss the boat?
-- Patti

Dear Patti:
The official story is that the unicorns were playing and ignoring their responsibilities,as usual, and missed the boat (so to speak).  My personal opinion, however, is that God wanted one creature on earth to be mysterious and mystical and hence the subject of storytelling and myths for the ages.  He chose the unicorn for its beauty, grace, and playfulness.  And even though they were not present on the ark, they were saved (another mystery) from the deluge and roam the earth delighting those who believe.
Thank you for your question.
Blessings on your little head
Sister Molly

Well now, blow my holy sock right the heck off!!! This is too funny!!! I will have to send the URL to my boss's religious friends. Gonna miss you guys but at least here I can keep up with the lessons and events of the Sisters..Thank you, Sisters. :-)
-- Jeanne

Dear Jeanne:
Thank you for your kind note. It appears you have been chosen to take the message of the Lord's Pair into the great Western Territory. This is truly a noble mission, and Brigid and I are confident you will spread the "word" joyfully.  Rest assured we do not lose track of our students -- and you will be the first to receive lessons on CD or tape as soon as they become available.
Blessings on you little head,
Sister Molly

Love your web site I must get to one of your classes. George would love the twist you put to one of his favorite songs, "seven abbesses stuck in the lavatory", he sings it "3 old ladies... tells me he learned this song in grammar school sway back when.
-- Jean Bradford

Dear Jean:
It does not surprise me in the slightest that the "seven old ladies" is one of your husband's favorite songs! He may have learned it in grammar school -- I, personally, learned it in an Irish bar (don't tell Rev. Mother! 
[E.N.   Too late!]).  When you come to class (notice the WHEN, not IF), you will no doubt hear some things that you'll recognize (and some things guaranteed to take
the place of the old ladies as your husband's favorites ...). Will keep you posted on the class schedule.
Blessings on your little head,
Sister Molly

Have you ever passed out while singing, The Court of King Caracticus???

My Dear Keith,
Thank you for your question. As a matter of fact, the very first time we attempted this song, I passed out cold on the floor of the music room at the convent. This proved very stressful for poor Brigid, who is always chastising me for not breathing properly when we sing.

During my state of unconsciousness, I had the most delightful time in his highness's royal court! I'm still not sure whether it was a divine vision or just wishful thinking, but I'm sure that's as close as this little nun will come to actually being part of a harem! Sorry, I'm sure that was much more of a visual than you needed ...

I awakened to the Reverend Mother throwing cold water on my face and Brigid fussing about saying, "See?! I told you to breathe from your diaphram!"

Ah well, since I've been following Brigid's advice, I've not returned to "The Big C's" court. <<< sigh >>>

Thank you for taking the time to write.

Blessings on your little head,
Sister Molly

  How come the seahorses didn't get to go on the ark? They are nice and cute and don't eat much and do little poops so they won't be any trouble and they should go in a little tank and maybe you could put some minnows in so they could be friends but don't put no sharks or piranha in cause they will eat the seahorses and then I will be sad. I would be sad if they ate the minnows too. Patiently waiting for your gentle answer.
-- ASH

Dear Ash,
Well aren't you the inquisitive little student? I will try to answer your questions ... The seahorses are tough little critters and one of God's favorite creations. Thus, they were able to swim alongside the ark without too much trouble. A highly intelligent fish, they also acted as the liaison between Noah and the other sea creatures. They were also chosen for this role due to their friendly nature. The other denizens of the deep regard the seahorse as the friendliest water dwellers -- they get along with everybody. Out of this great respect, piranha and shark alike usually omit them from their menu. Lest you feel too sad for the items ON the menu, just remember that God made each creature to His own design. Sharks eat smaller fish, and the piranha ... well they mostly feed on each other!
Thank you for your interest, and we'll see you at the next class.
Blessings on your little head,
Sister Molly

Editor's Note:
Um... Ash... Seahorses weren't on the ark because they can SWIM!!!  Also, I don't think fish tanks had been invented yet...
-- Brigid

Congratulations you two!!! Love your music and the humor. I knew you guys would do well together. Sure aren't like the nuns that I went to school with LOL.  Keep up the good work. Noah would be proud of you!!!

Dear Jo-Ann and Jenniffer,
Thank you for your kind comments ... we'd like to think Noah would approve.  It's been a relatively "dry" Spring, so I guess we're on the right track.
Blessings on your little heads,
Sister Molly

Oh Beloved Brides of Christ-- Your new home is lovely!  And it's so good to see that your school is doing well. Perhaps we could trade classes sometime?
--Maggie O'Sullivan, of O'Sullivan's School for Heros and Villains

Why what lovely things you said to us! How nice to hear from you. I trust your school is going well.  I would so love to learn to be a villain ... but we won't tell Reverend Mother, shall we.  Best not upset the poor dear.  I'll be sure to let you know when the next class will be.
'Til then, blessings on your little head,
Sister Molly

Editor's Note:
That "poor dear" could put most professional wrestlers to shame -- and Molly knows it very well!  ...Don't you, Molly??
-- Brigid

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