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molly_sm.gif (5647 bytes) Rent-A-Nun!

The Lord's Pair would be delighted to perform at your next party or function!  Just fill out the form below, and one of us will contact you right away to work out the details!

Note:   Molly and I are New England nuns...  If your event is outside this area, we may not be able to accomodate you.  Reverend Mother is very strict about our curfew...  (and Molly has been caught out after hours once too often recently!)

- Sr. Brigid

Let's get started!
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Where will it be held? (The more information you give us, the better the
chance that we'll get there on time!)

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Please give us a brief desciption of your plans. Sister Molly or
Sister Brigid will contact you to work out the details!



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